Comptech Associates brings deep experience in delivering turnkey projects to client requirements. Our team well-equipped to take over projects from start to final delivery-scoping the work, finding the right resources, managing the project, and delivering the final solution to the client.


We specialize in developing IT solutions in Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Infrastructure/Networking and Application Engineering. With our focus on the access and management of data centric information, Comptech has grown an organization that has a niche in business processes, technology that can rapidly help clients improve their products and services, business relationships, and bottom line economics.

Our focus areas help create opportunities for our clients to leverage their data and information assets to drive innovation, best practices, and operational efficiency so that they may sustain competitive advantage and maximize business performance. By ensuring that enterprise data assets and business process work seamlessly across organization silos, Comptech deliver the best in class solutions.

Comptech accomplishes these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues along with a deep understanding of how information can be accessed, managed, and analyzed. Our consultants and IT technologists are known for their business knowledge, process, and technical skills as well as their strong collaborative and team-oriented approach to working with our clients. Our solutions are focused in the following areas