Big Data

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

Our data warehousing and business analytics consultants help clients increase revenue, build customer loyalty and reduce back-office expenses by putting actionable business intelligence at their fingertips.


BI Assessment Services

Growing use of transactional systems, data-intensive technologies and customer/supplier communication networks creates mountains of data with intelligence value. Gleaning business insights from that data will boost your organization’s ability to take on growing market pressures and global competition.

Comptech works with your company's business and IT representatives to:

  •  Identify opportunities across your value chain
  •  Justify your projects through ROI analysis
  •  Identify budget drivers and corporate KPIs
  •  Manage software selections using our methodology
  •  Assess organizational change management needs
  •  Design capability and knowledge transfer programs


Data warehousing Services

There are two technical keys to building and managing successful data warehouse architecture.

Dimensional modeling has become the standard design approach for data warehouse and BI applications. This dimensional approach enables employees, managers and executives to look at their business from a variety of perspectives.

The second key is the ability to deliver the data warehouse architecture incrementally-an approach we call architected data marts. We apply this philosophy in our own methodologis that gets you up and running as quickly as possible.

An effective data warehouse architecture positions you for successful implementation, faster payback and higher ROI for each BI application we build.


Information Delivery

Dashboards, scorecards, reporting and OLAP

Our Digital Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, Global Consolidation & Financial Reporting and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions bring the right level of information, to the right person, at the right time.

We consider the following for robust information delivery architecture

  •  Distribution methods
  •  Information formatting
  •  Scalability and accessibility
  •  Security and privacy

Our business intelligence consultants help you deliver performance management and analytics throughout your organization. Dashboards and reporting will be integrated into your Enterprise Reporting Portals, and business intelligence findings are shared with other applications through XML-based Web Service