Cloud Solutions




Comptech provides enterprises with best-fit solutions to IT business challenges, maximizing the benefits of COTS.

Using our knowledge of enterprise-grade source software components, Comptech will identify the components that best fit the needs of your business application. Our goal is to minimize the amount of custom code and use as many existing and available components as is feasible. The less custom code, the faster it will be to deploy, and the easier it can be to support. Using our development methodology, we assemble software components and any required proprietary components into your complete business solution, test it, and deploy it.

Some of the services that Comptech provides are in the following areas:


  • Content Management Systems.
  • Custom Development Services.
  • Package Integration.
  • Infrastructure Development.
  • Component Migration Services.
  • Support and Maintenance.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • ERP.