Comptech Associates Inc. provides a multitude of technical services and support for our clientele.


Comptech Associates Inc. provides a multitude of technical services and support for our clientele. Our history of success is formed on the personalized service and the customized attention that Comptech Associates Inc. offers to our clients.

Comptech Associates Inc. has other dimensions of consulting services:


Our development team also provides Internet and Intranet solutions to increase internal corporate communications, both for the Unix and NT environments. We can develop Internet-enabled applications that provide return on investment and lower maintenance cost, using current methodologies and technologies, Java, ASP and Lotus Domino.


Comptech Associates Inc. is comprised of skilled resources of programmers, analysts, project managers and database administrators to execute extensive technical solutions.


We possess a high degree of project management and consulting expertise thus enabling our consultants to support our clientele by assuming full project responsibility, including development at every level of Information Technology and MIS services.


Comptech Associates Inc. is not only an Equal Opportunity Employer but also an Employment Resource Provider. We manage requirements for permanent positions for corporations and organizations throughout the Tri-State Area.


We provide direction and guidance to companies shifting to Client/Server technologies and management to companies that operate in legacy system environments.
Our consultants help our clients transition their mission-critical mainframe applications to Client/Server systems, by enabling them to choose the ideal Client/Server based system for their present and future needs, maximize their benefits and guide them through to a successful implementation and conversion.