Recruitment Services


As businesses continually flex, morph, and evolve to gain and retain market leadership by differentiating themselves with their offerings, time to market becomes very critical, which requires extreme agility.


Successful companies leverage strategic partners who can lend them needed expertise with ultimate flexibility. These companies look for quick and easy augmentation to their existing teams to accomplish tasks quicker and better.

Comptech Associates offers a robust recruiting partnership where we deliver tactical and strategic long-term resources for client requirements.

We provide the following flexible services to help clients get their projects off the ground or to full completion:

  • Consulting: The right fit for a specific project with well-defined timeframes and requirements.
  • Contract-to-hire: The perfect solution to try out a talent before making a long-term commitment to hire full-time.
  • Direct hire: Search services for clients needing to fill full-time positions.
  • Payroll service: The perfect solution when clients have found specialized talent and want to mitigate any co-employment risks. Comptech Associates's complete payroll services protect the preferred talent and seamlessly manage payroll, benefits and expenses by serving as the employer of record.