Testing & QA/IV & V


Outsourcing pre-launch testing to a specialist vendor allows Insurance IT departments to free resources completely for development activities, thus helping reduce their release cycle and improve application quality.


Comptech Associates brings extensive experience in testing including web services, desktop applications, client-server applications, and operating system components, with over 2500 person-years, and over 10 years of experience.

Our core test services include:

  • Functionality and UI
  • Robustness, Reliability
  • Accessibility, Usability
  • Regression testing
  • Boundary testing
  • Compliance

Comptech brings a comprehensive testing and IV&V methodology that addresses the entire Application Development Lifecycle (ADLC). Key phases in the development process are mapped to software validation and performance engineering frameworks, so that applications are robust during deployment.

Our IV&V services help you deliver high Quality of Service to its end-users with confidence and ensure your IT strategy meets business objectives.